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(1) The following measures are applicable for VTL (Air) travellers entering Singapore from 23 January 2022, 2359hrs (SGT):

All travellers will only be required to undergo daily unsupervised self-administered ARTs from Day 2 to Day 7 of their arrival if they need to leave their place of accommodation, in addition to fulfilling pre-departure and on-arrival testing requirements.

Those who test positive on the unsupervised self-administered ARTs no longer need to undergo a confirmatory PCR test but should instead abide by the relevant COVID-19 recovery protocol.

Fully vaccinated recovered travellers may qualify for exemption from COVID-19 tests.

VTL travellers who enter Singapore before 23 January 2022, 2359hrs (SGT) are required to continue with the existing testing regime (i.e. unsupervised self-administered ART on Days 2, 4, 5 and 6 of their arrival, and supervised ART on Days 3 and 7 of their arrival).

(2) From 22 December 2021, 2359hrs (SGT), there will be no new ticket sales for all designated VTL (Air) flights for entry into Singapore until 20 January 2022, 2359hrs (SGT). Ticket sales for entry from 21 January 2022 will also be temporarily reduced.

Travellers who already hold a ticket for a VTL flight can continue to enter Singapore under the VTL (Air) on their originally planned date, provided they meet all VTL (Air) conditions. Applications for the Vaccinated Travel Pass (Air) will remain open.

VTL (Air) travellers are reminded to adhere to the requirements of the 7-day mandatory daily testing regime outlined in the VTL (Air) Checklist after arrival, otherwise they will face enforcement actions under the Infectious Diseases Act.

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