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01 August 2019 - The highlight for this weekend is the consumer seminar "Strategies to Invest in 2H 2019". Please click here. :)

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Catering to the premium and mass affluent markets in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region, theASIAProperty delivers a boutique experience with our unique suite of services. theASIAProperty sells studio apartments and multi-million dollar properties with the same level of professionalism and commitment. All our real estate agents and professionals are equipped with the skills and know-how to deliver our suite of services that include residential sales, commercial and industrial real estate and new condo project launches that span from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, Australia and the United Kingdom. Our wide selection of properties allows us to remain at the forefront of Singapore property market, servicing both local and international buyers.

Our highly-skilled real estate agents are committed to ongoing training and development. This ensures that they are always in tune with the most accurate property news and market snapshot. Our real estate agents are also trained in the latest multimedia marketing strategies which include online videos, virtual tours and target marketing on social media platforms. Together with the traditional print media marketing, we ensure the the widest reach to potential buyers in the region.